Hi, I'm Colin

Welcome to my space, the hyperthings garden. I'm glad you're here. Please do poke about.

My blog is where itchy thoughts of all weaves and textures roll out into the Web for public view. (If I am being honest, I write mostly about Common Lisp.)

I host some code here.

My friends and I also run a matrix chat server, so if you have a matrix account with any matrix host, you can message me at @hypergoof:cicadas.surf.


Ah right. The name of this site is an amalgam of terms lifted from the pages of the posthumanist philosophers and object-oriented ontologists whose work I enjoy.

Specifically, the notion of thing I refer to here is something like the things explored in Ian Bogost's Alien Phenomenology, or in Jane Bennet 's Vibrant Matter. Things are the deep and mysterious objects thumping in and all around us, from pimples to planets to mounds of garbage. Things have an agency of sorts all their own.

The hyper bit comes from Timothy Morton's Hyperobjects: massive objects distributed through space and time with which human persons are poorly scaled to engage. Their immensity dwarfs the scope and depth of our attentional powers.

But really, I just thought it sounded cool.