The Fox The Lizard And The Marmot

The fox, the lizard, and the marmot.

A fox, a lizard, and a marmot met at a pond. Much to their surprise, floating toward them on a lily pad was a length of copper wire and a marbled piece of cheese.

"The gods!" remarked the fox, "they wish for me to wear this cheese around my neck! You see, the wire is the color of my fur. A token of their favor!".

"Fool," cried the lizard, "it was meant for me to tie around my head as a crown, they say I am to rule the animals. The marbled cheese matches my scales."

The two argued this way for some time, each citing different auguries in their effort to determine how best to see themselves favored.

At last the marmot spoke. "I am quite hungry, might we eat the cheese - we could slice it evenly with the wire?"

This enraged the fox and the lizard, who declared a truce, killed and ate the marmot, and went back to bickering about who was best fit to rule.