The Salesman And The Dirt Farmer

The salesman and the dirt farmer.

A fox, who had taken to selling farm tools, approached the farm of a badger where he thought to make a sale.

Confident, the fox knocked, the badger answered, and the fox began a sales pitch:

"I see you are still using an old wrought iron plow, do you find that it corrodes quickly and needs frequent replacement?"

The badger agreed, saying "that it does, this one is nearly due for replacement."

"Well," continued the fox, "it just so happens that I am selling a superior plow that never dulls or corrodes."

"Interesting," said the badger, " how is it made?"

The fox, prepared for this question, continued his spiel "It is made from the highest quality ores mined in distant lands. These ores are alloyed by the world's most skilled metalworkers into a material both hard and sharp and resistant to corrosion. You can't find a better plow anywhere."

Upon hearing these words the badger said "Forget it, if the plow ever broke I could never repair it."

"That's the beauty," rebutted the fox, "this plow is guaranteed to last for generations!"

"That is even worse, " concluded the badger, "by the time it breaks, no one will be left who remembers how to make my simple iron plow."

The price of convenience is often dependence.