The Hawk The River And The Wind

The hawk the river and the wind

A hawk flew over a desert when a great wind began to blow. So fierce were the gusts, that the hawk was forced to dive lower. Spying a river bending through the buttes, the hawk landed at its bank. Now quite parched by the scorching desert winds, the hawk took a drink and spoke:

"Thank you river, for being just where I needed you to be - you are most generous. Flying against that dreadful wind gave me a great thirst."

"Save your thanks," replied the river, "for it is my duty to flow where the land most slopes, and I have no choice in the matter. The wind, on the other hand, sometimes blows and other times does not - you should offer instead your thanks to it, for it could have blown much more fiercely. And besides, without its bluster, you would never have landed to drink my waters."